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House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning services to keep your home sparkling inside and out.

House Cleaning

Prestige Power Washing offers house cleaning in St. Louis, designed to enhance the appearance and longevity of your home's exterior. This service extends beyond St. Louis, reaching out to homeowners in Eureka, Pacific, and the surrounding communities, providing thorough and efficient cleaning solutions for every part of your home’s facade.

Our house cleaning process involves a detailed assessment to identify any areas of concern, such as dirt accumulation, mold, mildew, or algae growth. We use a combination of soft washing and pressure washing techniques, depending on the surface material and the level of cleaning required, to ensure a comprehensive and safe cleaning outcome.

Opting for Prestige Power Washing for house cleaning services in St. Louis, Eureka, Pacific, and nearby areas signifies a commitment to maintaining both the beauty and the structural integrity of your home. Our aim is to deliver a service that not only revitalizes the look of your house but also protects it against the elements, ensuring a clean, inviting appearance that stands the test of time.

Our process

A simple yet powerful and efficient process

Prestige Power Washing streamlines your restoration journey: call for consultation, receive a quote, schedule your service, and watch your home or business transform.

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1. Call us and schedule a consultation

Contact us to arrange an in-person consultation at your convenience. We'll work with your schedule to find the perfect day and time.

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2. Receive a quote and schedule your service

We'll furnish you with a quote, assist with insurance claims, and coordinate your restoration service.

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3. Get your home or business restored

Our skilled technicians will promptly arrive and expertly restore your home or business to the utmost standards.